Muscat - Sultanate of Oman
24th – 25th November 2024


Patient Experience Summit - Oman

After conducting a series of transformative summits, we are absolutely thrilled to unveil our grandest event yet – the Patient Experience Summit in beautiful Oman on the 24th – 25th November 2024!

We recognize that true transformation is borne out of collaborative efforts and so supported by Sultan Qaboos Hospital, this crucial event aims to further unravel the intricacies of enhancing patient experiences and pave the way for a future of exemplary healthcare practices in the Sultanate of Oman.

Renowned speakers from the healthcare sector will lead conversations on crucial areas such as empowering patients through education, nurturing effective communication between healthcare providers and patients, and implementing innovative technologies to enhance patient experiences. The agenda will also delve into issues like cultural sensitivity, ethical considerations, and strategies for providing equitable access to healthcare services.

By attending this conference, participants will have the chance to gain valuable insights into the current state of patient experience in Oman's healthcare system. It is an opportunity to identify areas for improvement and explore innovative strategies that can lead to better patient outcomes.

Together, the attendees can contribute to the ongoing transformation of Oman's healthcare system, placing the patient's voice at the forefront of decision-making processes.

Scientific Committee

Dr. Zainab Al-Balushi

Deputy Director - General Clinical Affairs
Sultan Qaboos University Hospital

Ahmed Al-Barwani

Director of Patient Services
Sultan Qaboos University Hospital

Dr. Abeer Abdullah Saif Al-Maamari

Director of Patient’s and Client’s services
Ministry Of Health, Oman

Dr. Hassa Saif Al Mazrouei

Medical Director Patient Experience, Director of Internship Program, Obstetrics & Gynecology Physician
Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC), UAE

Dr.Hector Upegui

Worldwide Market Development Executive & Chief Health Officer

Event Speakers

Dr. Zainab Al-Balushi

Deputy Director- General Clinical Affairs
Sultan Qaboos University Hospital

Dr. Abeer Abdullah Saif Al-Maamari

Director of Patient’s and Client’s services
Ministry Of Health, Oman

Dr. Hassa Saif Al Mazrouei

Medical Director Patient Experience, Director of Internship Program, Obstetrics & Gynecology Physician
Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC), UAE

Alexander Jankuloski

Kuwait Hospital

If you would want to share your insights and join the speaker panel, share your details and papers to us

Join us for the upcoming edition of our PX series in Oman, where you will acquire invaluable insights and strategies to elevate your patient experience journey. Here's why attending this edition is a must:

  • Gain Expert Insights: Our lineup of industry experts will share their knowledge, providing you with the tools and tactics to deliver a personalized touch experience for both your patients and staff. You'll walk away with actionable strategies that can be implemented immediately.
  • Explore Innovative Technologies: Engage with trusted solution providers who will showcase the latest technological advancements in healthcare. Discover cutting-edge tools and systems that can enhance your success in delivering exceptional patient experiences.
  • Network with Visionaries: Connect with trendsetters and visionaries who are at the forefront of revolutionizing the patient experience. Forge valuable relationships and exchange ideas with likeminded professionals who share your passion for transforming healthcare.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn, network, and become a catalyst for positive change in your organization.


Why Attend?

  • Hear from industry experts and take-away actionable strategies that will deliver the personalized touch experience for your patients and staff.
  • Obtain guidance from trusted solution providers on the latest technologies that can help you become more successful in your patient experience journey.
  • Get an opportunity to network with trendsetters and visionaries that are currently revolutionizing the patient experience.

Who should attend?

All leaders, managers and senior professionals who are involved in patient care and safety, as well as those who are interested in learning more about patient experience.


  • Hospitals & Providers
  • Public & Private Hospitals & Clinics
  • Ambulatory Services
  • Rehabilitation Centres
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Government & Academia
  • Health Ministries
  • Health Authorities
  • Industry Associations
  • Research Institutes
  • Accreditation Body

Departments & Job title

  • Strategic Leaders, C-Suite decision makers
  • Chief/Director – Nursing
  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Director – Health Informatics/IT
  • Director/Head/Manager/Officer
  • Patient Experience/ Patient Care/
  • Patient Relations/Patient Service/
  • Satisfaction/Patient Flow
  • Director/Head/Manager/Officer
  • Quality& Safety
  • Director / Head /Manager / Officer - HR & Operations
  • Head/Manager - Marketing & Business Development

Past Events

Highlights of Past Events

  • 1000+ Attendees
  • 100+ Speakers & Panelists
  • 15+ Workshops
  • 60+ Sponsors & Partners
  • 300+ Hospitals

Key Session and Topics Include

  • Keynote Presentation: The Importance of Patient Experience in Healthcare - Setting the Stage
  • Keynote Presentation: The Impact of Patient Experience on Healthcare Outcomes
  • The Science behind Patient Experience: Key Factors and Drivers
  • Boosting Your Healthcare Facility's Reputation: The Power of Patient Satisfaction Surveys
  • From Passive to Proactive: How to Turn Satisfied Patients into Engaged Advocates
  • The Game-Changer: How Real-Time Patient Experience Tracking is Shaping the Future of Healthcare
  • Engaging Patients in Their Care: How Shared Decision-Making Boosts Satisfaction and Compliance
  • Tackling Chronic Health Conditions Head-On: How Technology is Enhancing Patient Self-Management
  • The Art and Science of Communicating with Patients from Diverse Backgrounds
  • Panel Discussion on Driving Positive Change: How Collaboration Leads to Better Patient Experiences
  • Uniting Forces: How Patients and Caregivers Can Drive Effective Care Plans Together
  • Streamlining Care Transitions: Ensuring Continuity and Seamless Experience
  • Panel Discussion: Innovations in Enhancing Patient Experience
  • Roundtable 1: Developing Action Plans for Implementing Patient Experience Strategies
  • Roundtable 2: Managing the frustrated patient
  • Roundtable 3: Digital literacy in healthcare

Have a look at all the sessions, topics and participating speakers/panelists

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