Dr. Yasmine Salim Abdullah Al Hatimy

Dr. Yasmine Salim Abdullah Al Hatimy

Ph.D Medicine (AUS) MA HMPP (UK) Former Deputy Director at SQUH Quality & Development Directorate Sr. Consultant in Healthcare Quality and Accreditation

Oman International Hospital 

Dr. Yasmine Al Hatimy is a highly motivated and experienced goal-oriented professional consultant in the specialized field of quality improvement, accreditation compliance and empowering patient safety through patients. She is passionate for innovative quality and safety improvement in medicine and healthcare management. She possesses strong leadership qualities and has extensive experience with real-life scenarios, while often leading innovative problem-solving teams to resolution and success.

Former Deputy Director of Quality at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (1998-2023) Dr. Yasmine has led the hospital to successful achievement of ISO certification (2003-2011) and served as Hospital Accreditation Lead since 2012 in facilitating the hospital to Platinum Level through three consecutive cycles with international accreditation. She has actively contributed to extensive committees and an international journal Reviewer and Academic Editor. Her academic qualifications include PhD in Medicine – Quality & Safety (AUS) and International Healthcare Policy Management Master degree (UK).

Dr. Yasmine is a certified international Accreditation Surveyor and a qualified trainer in the areas of Patient Safety, Incident Investigation, Clinical Audit, Accreditation, and National Risk. She is currently appointed as Visiting Quality Consultant in the private hospital setting, establishing quality and safety mechanisms and setting accreditation policies and standards.